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EMR Consultant Collects the Data from Hundreds of EMR & Medical Billing Systems So You Don't Have To!

Our technology will effectively compare your practice needs to the 600 electronic medical record (EMR) / electronic health record (EHR) solutions in our database. We will narrow down the search results and provide you with the most appropriate EHR recommendations for your practice.

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Advertisers on a variety of web sites pay us when you log into their site.

The individual consultation is impartial and at NO Charge to physicians or administrators!

How We Do It?

EMR Consultant is a Complimentary Service to Medical
Practices that are Searching for an EMR & Medical Billing System

Simply complete your profile. EMRC analysts evaluate stated needs with an unbiased mind. Analysts use our proprietary technology, our comprehensive Health Care Technology Database and personal experience working with similar practices/facilities to select the best qualified recommendations that meet your specific needs. You will receive an email listing your recommendations. Would you prefer to briefly speak with an Analyst? This is the best way for the analyst to truly understand and ask appropriate questions. Think of it this way, do you have a more clear understanding of your patient after speaking with them or by reading the present issue? Complete the basic information on the form and an Analyst will contact you. You can also phone us directly at 888.519.3100!

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