Jumping in head first is not a good idea when implementing electronic medical record ( EMR ) software in your practice. If you do not properly prepare, you may not select the best EMR for your practice. As a result, you may select a great EMR, but just the wrong EMR, and this can be catastrophic to your business.

Purchasing the best EMR takes time. You need plan accordingly. We’ve provided you with 7 tips that will enable you to purchase and implement an EMR successfully.

Research. Become familiar with the industry and learn what people have to say about EMRs. Unfortunately when you speak to sales reps from the EMR Companies they will be biased about their product. Look for unbiased information. There are EMR Consultants out there that will help you find the right fit for your practice. In addition, there are several EMR, EHR and HIT blogs that provide unbiased information about the EHR Industry.

Rational Planning. You are not going to be able to reduce your medical costs after five minutes of using your EMR system. Therefore, make sure to set EMR goals that are reasonable to attain. Write out an EMR implementation planthat will include milestones that you want to reach as well as what you are looking to gain from an EMR.

Attitude. Make sure that your entire medical practice has a positive attitude about using an EMR solution. Keep your staff involved in the EMR selection process so they have a better understanding about what will happen. Making sure everyone is on the same page is critical for EMR success.

ROI. Determine what type of Return on Investment can be expected when implementing an EMR system. EMR software can be extremely costly depending on what type of EMR features you are looking to implement. Therefore, it is important to have an idea of what your EMR budget will be, as well as the cost savings expected from a proper EMR implementation.

Technical Competency. Discuss with your staff how tech-savvy they are at using computers. Making sure your staff feels comfortable using new technology will help prepare everyone for this transition to an EMR.

Hardware. Selecting the correct hardware will save you thousands of dollars when purchasing an EMR solution. Not only will it save you money, it will also improve the functionality within the EMR. There are several hardware companies that have partnered with EMR vendors, so be sure to ask them what hardware will work best with the EMR product. Ask the EMR vendor if they offer bundled solutions. Another alternative is to speak with an IT consulting company at the beginning to enable a smooth EMR implementation. Of course there are dozens of additional considerations when selecting and implementing an EMR, and the above may be considered a very basic overview. To learn more about EMRs, please fill in the brief form below.