Similar to trends experienced by most economies, the healthcare industry has become highly competitive and ultra fast-paced. Those who don’t keep up will definitely be left behind. With international players in the Medical Tourism industry offering extremely low prices using internationally competitive quality standards, local health professionals and providers have no option but to bring their businesses to the next level, which might mean considering expanded billing capabilities with their own or outsourced electronic medical billing and coding systems.

There are several small to large individual physician practices, hospitals, clinics and other healthcare institutions that have gained largely from the benefits of outsourced billing services, making it a primary option of choice among organizations planning to take this route in their billing systems. Such companies and billing services are staffed with highly competent billing experts and other related professionals that could quickly and efficiently deliver the maximum results at very cost-effective prices. The results: higher efficiency in the medical organizations operational process which can later be translated into higher revenues.

The Features of Outsourced Medical Billing Services

Before a particular healthcare professional or medical institution can reap the full benefits of outsourced billing services, they should first learn and understand the basic features that play an intrinsic part in such systems. The following describes some of these features that should be found in good outsourced billing services.

  • Should have a complete reimbursement system including but are not limited to:
    • Doctor billing
    • Filling of insurance claims and follow-up
    • Collections from patients
    • Accounting and Data Analysis
    • Online Financial Reporting
  • An established quality checking and proof reading system to countercheck errors in forms and data
  • All data, documents and other online information should be stored in a highly secured system or facility
  • Strict confidentiality should be maintained at all times
  • System is supervised by qualified medical experts and should strictly adhere to all HIPAA guidelines

The Benefits of Outsourced Medical Billing Services

There are several benefits of outsourced medical billing services from which medical professionals or institutions could fully gain.

  • Healthcare is a very critical service industry and one of the main benefits of outsourced medical billing services is to relieve medical professionals from this administrative task and allow them to concentrate more in providing better healthcare services for their patients.
  • Reduced operational costs for additional labor, computer and office systems, supplies and other operational expenses
  • Errors are widely minimized and chances for claim rejections would be greatly reduced, resulting in better turnaround time and higher revenues
  • Relieve medical staff from spending excessive time in answering billing inquiries and other related matters that keeps them off their main focus in providing optimum patient care

Each of these benefits will be discussed in greater detail in separate articles to come. This series of articles will help end users to understand the full implications and advantages of outsourcing their billing systems. The benefits of outsourced medical billing are quite considerable and will provide any healthcare professional or practice the leeway they need to finally improve on their billing systems, minimize on costs, and increase revenues for their practice or business.

The Benefits of Outsourced Medical Billing: Save Time for Medical Practices

Most industries grew more competitive in the current economic situation that the country and the rest of the world is facing , and the same is true for the medical professionals, providers, organizations and institutions that comprise the healthcare industry. Similar to any other industry, health professionals such as physicians and surgeons are responsible not only for the health and well-being of their patients, but also for every aspect of their practice. This includes maintaining and keeping their offices, taking care of payroll for their staff and handling all matters pertaining to medical billing. Such responsibilities can eat up all the valuable time that doctors should have spent on critical patient care.

This is probably one of the main benefits of outsourced medical billing services: to allow physicians to allocate more time away from administrative purposes and focus on providing healthcare. This is true not only for individual physician practices but also for a medical organization like hospitals and clinics as well. Insurance rules and HIPAA regulations are constantly changing and medical staff can only do so much to keep up and handle healthcare reimbursement and processing. Such a scenario can be quite complex and would be very difficult to maintain in-house. The medical institution can gain much from the benefits of outsourced billing services instead of doing these tasks on their own.

The following are some of the benefits of outsourced billing services that medical professionals and organizations can take advantage of and gain the very precious time that they can allot for providing healthcare.

  • Outsourced medical billing services can take care of all matters pertaining to insurance claims management and processing as well as dealing with insurance companies and other government agencies. This includes processing paperwork that will be submitted to the insurance company for processing.
  • Service providers can take care of performing medical checks in insurance forms and verify content for errors. This would greatly minimize rejection by the insurance companies that would not only be costly for the medical professionals or institution but would also prolong the lead time before reimbursements are received.
  • One of the main benefits of outsourced billing services is the use of online or electronic billing, coding and submission systems that would speed up the claims process and receive reimbursements in days instead of the traditional weeks or months. Electronic systems prevent the need to enter data and other information monthly.
  • Outsourced medical billing services make use of customized systems that would be appropriate for the needs of the medical professional. A dermatologist have different needs, systems and patients than a brain surgeon, and these billing service companies can streamline their system to cater to the operational needs of the medical professional.
  • One of the more practical benefits of outsourced billing services is to reduce the time allocated by medical professionals in keeping abreast with all the ever-changing laws, rules and other regulations pertaining to insurance, medical and other billing records. These service companies are updated with these regulations and have special relationships with medical insurers which can help speed up the processing of medical claim reimbursements even more than before.

These and other benefits of outsourced billing services can provide physicians, surgeons and other medical professionals and staff all the time they need to focus on providing proper healthcare for their patients, instead of spending all their valuable time on administrative tasks like billing and filing claims.