I’ve been in the speech recognition business for 15 years, and have watched as thousands of physicians have utilized Dragon Medical, and have adopted it to their personal medical practice. Each one has his or her own speech patterns, and as Dragon makes mistakes they individually correct each mistake, making it much less likely that the same mistake will occur again… in their office and on their computers.

Similarly, I’ve been a practicing physician for 25 years, and have watched as each medical office that bills for its medical services scrupulously scrubs the data returning from dozens of payors, and corrects their fee schedules, their algorithms and billing methodologies depending upon the payments as indicated by the EOBs received from each of the varied payment sources.

Each of these phenomena have a lot in common, most critical of which is that in each instance, very similar activities are being replicated across tens of thousands of offices around the country. This leads to a significant amount of potential inefficiency, and as an Orthopedic Surgeon, efficiency is top priority.

There are not many alternatives to this workflow when it relates to speech recognition software such as Dragon Medical, in part because each individual physician has, by definition, unique characteristics in speech patterns, in dictation and in language usage. There are, however, clear alternatives when it comes to medical billing, as the individual unique genetically induced differences are absent in this field.

Any individual outsourced billing company that is billing for more than one office is capable of, and in fact should be utilizing the knowledge from each and every EOB that it receives to improve the services it provides to every single office for which it is billing.

In this fashion, there is a tremendous advantage in utilizing the services of an outsourced billing company that is providing billing services for thousands of physicians. You will not need to pay your staff to learn something new each time there is a change in a fee schedule, a change in a payment parameter or any other rules change, because there is a very high probability that this knowledge will already be available to the outsourced billing company you have chosen. In this fashion it is exceedingly likely that you will be able to collect a meaningfully higher percentage of your billing, freeing up your office staff to concentrate on patient care, and making the few percent of collections that are being charged a true bargain.