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The looming October 2014 deadline for migration to ICD-10 has provided a variety of learning opportunities for physicians and their staffs to understand ICD-10.

EMR Software

AppMed EMR by AppMed, Inc

2402 Harbor Ridge Way

Lindenhurst IL 60046


Most Recent Release: 2012

Most Recent Version: 6.0

Description of this EHR/EMR:

AppMed EMR is fully integrated Electronic Medical Records software that is more than just a patient notes program. AppMed EMR was designed to be the focal point for all of your patient history, orders, prescriptions, progress notes, clinical imaging and more. AppMed EMR is completely integrated with our billing and patient appointment scheduling applications so no re-entry of patient information is needed.AppMed EMR will give you everything you need to have a productive office and steady workflow on a daily basis.



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Number of Doctors in Target Market

AppMed EMR

Medical Office Environment

AppMed EMR

Unique Installations:

Facilities: Ambulatory,Community Health Center,Hospital,Long Term Care,Outpatient Surgical facility,Physical therapy facility,Urgent Care

EHR / EMR Structure
  • Client/Server or ASP: Both ASP and Client Server
  • EMR or EMR/PM System: EHR/PM - fully integrated - Available Individually
  • Operating System: Windows,Mac