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If your medical office using a state of the art RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) system? If not, you should strongly consider one.

EMR Software

AWARDS by Foothold Technology, Inc.

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New York NY 10003

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Most Recent Release: 2013

Most Recent Version: 2.6

Description of this EHR/EMR:

Foothold Technology provides agencies and service providers with EHR/PM software that tracks both mission-critical and administrative data. AWARDS is SaaS-based platform on the Internet, which allows one-time, point-of-service data entry. Companies that use this method of delivering software are called Application Service Providers (ASP) and represent a revolution for nonprofit agencies. The ASP model allows agencies to save money by outsourcing their technological hassles. To use AWARDS software, all you need is a computer and an Internet connection, so there are no additional staffing or hardware costs, ever.

Medical Specialties Covered:
AWARDS by Foothold Technology, Inc. can be used for all the following specialties.

Specialties Include:

Mental & Behavioral Health / Psychology


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Number of Doctors in Target Market


Medical Office Environment


Unique Installations: This program is designed for use in Behavioral Healthcare Facilities.

Facilities: Ambulatory,Colleges and Universities,Community Health Center,Convenient Care Clinic

EHR / EMR Structure
  • Client/Server or ASP: ASP
  • EMR or EMR/PM System: EHR/PM - fully integrated - Must Purchase Both
  • Operating System: Windows,Mac