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The looming October 2014 deadline for migration to ICD-10 has provided a variety of learning opportunities for physicians and their staffs to understand ICD-10.

EMR Software

Claimat EMR by Claimat, Inc.

1100 Wilshire Boulevard

Los Angeles CA 90017


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Most Recent Version: 1.0

Description of this EHR/EMR:

Claimat is a privately held company incorporated in Los Angeles California USA. A technology company dedicated to furthering the growth of electronic, direct connectivity amongst the key stakeholders in healthcare, through the utilization of its unique proprietary Enterprise application. The company is a leading medical IT services co. specializing in the development of integrated medical software, EMR software, HIPAA compliant software and more for the healthcare industry. The medical IT services offered by the company including medical software, EMR software and more is backed by vast industry experience and cutting-edge technology. Claimat is a cloud-based solution that enables the transmission, receipt and analysis of key clinical and transactional data for all parties within the healthcare continuum. By successfully achieving this objective, Claimat endeavors to drive down the business costs of medicine for its users, allowing them to focus instead on the care in healthcare.



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Claimat EMR

Medical Office Environment

Claimat EMR

Unique Installations: This product is appropriate for use with most specialties.

Facilities: Ambulatory,Colleges and Universities,Community Health Center,Convenient Care Clinic,Long Term Care,Outpatient Surgical facility,Urgent Care

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  • EMR or EMR/PM System: EHR/PM - fully integrated - Available Individually
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