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As more and more physicians are looking to replace their existing EHR with another EHR, it becomes imperative that practices not only choose correctly, but that they understand the complexities associated with data migration from one EHR system to the next.

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CureMD EHR by CureMD Corporation

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New York NY 10004

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Most Recent Release: 06/2008

Most Recent Version: 10

Description of this EHR/EMR:

CureMD, the, All-in-One Smart Cloud, EMR Electronic Medical Record, PM Practice Management, Billing Services, Patient Portal tailored for your specialty and workflow. Connect with thousands of pharmacies, labs, hospitals, radiology, payers, patients and other providers. Features include: EMR Electronic Medical Records, PM Practice Management, enterprise scheduling, intelligent billing, workflow management, KPI dashboards, eRx, e-Labs, document Imaging, clinical knowledge base, clinical alerts, device connectivity, patient education, data mining reports, patient portal and practice website. CureMD is trusted by thousands of practices of all types and sizes, ranging from solo and group practices to large multi-specialty organizations nationwide, CureMD is all that you need to succeed in today's quality driven reimbursement environment.

Medical Specialties Covered:
CureMD EHR by CureMD Corporation can be used for all the following specialties.

Specialties Include:



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Medical Office Environment


Unique Installations: CureMD EMR supports most medical specialties with functionality rich template design. Specific specialty systems for most listed specialties, custom development and application integration for any specialty. It's probable that CureMD already has something that meets your needs.

Facilities: Ambulatory,Colleges and Universities,Community Health Center,Convenient Care Clinic,Correctional Facility,ER,Home Health Care,Hospice Care,Long Term Care,Outpatient Surgical facility,Physical therapy facility,Sleep Center,Urgent Care,Other,

EHR / EMR Structure
  • Client/Server or ASP: Fully Cloud Based
  • EMR or EMR/PM System: EHR/PM - fully integrated - Available Individually
  • Operating System: Windows,

  Recently Answered Questions

  • What is the largest installed system? Include number of users and number of sites.

    Atlantis Medical Group

  • Please write a paragraph or two describing your company (e.g. what makes your company unique to the EHR market).

    CureMD is an award winning network of health information management systems and services offering certified SMART Cloud EHR, practice management, patient portal, revenue cycle management and discrete reportable transcription to help accelerate adoption and Meaningful Use - driving outcomes and subsidy payments to maximize value and returns. CureMD's advanced web technology and award winning usability facilitate quality decision making, streamline operations, and ensure compliance.

  • Please explain how your EHR is adapted for a Smart Phone. Include which compatibilities exist.

    CureMobile application has been specially designed to work with CureMD EMR and Practice Management application in helping you manage your patient encounters and a variety of other task that help you stay in touch with your practice on the go. The PDA based CureMobile application allows you to download patient and EMR information into your PDA which you can carry with you while visiting your patient in the ward or during an out-of-office call. During the visit you enter demographics, clinical (such as SOAP, histories etc.), billing (such as ICD, CPT codes etc.) for this patient. Your entire day's patients can be carried into the PDA at one time. When you get back to your desk, you can sync back the entire information into CureMD application for further processing of the data. This way the EMR solution provided by CureMD spans the PDA world as well.

  • Please list, in order, the specialties in which you concentrate, and the approximate percentage of installations for each. Please be brief, as we will be asking this question in more detail in our specialty section.

    Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Primary Care, Family Practice 15% Oncology 8% Cardiology 9% Dermatology 6% Home Care 6% Obstetrics /Gynecology 5% Vascular Surgery 5% Urology 5% Allergy 3% Rheumatology 4% Pain Management 4% Podiatry 4% Gastroenterology 4% Physical Medicine 4% Infectious Disease 4% Neurology 3% Employee Care Services 3% Pulmonary 3% Sleep 3% Ambulatory Surgery Center 2%