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The migration from Client/Server EMRs to cloud-based EHRs has taken full swing. EMR Consultant recommends that you seriously consider a cloud-based EHR solution, if you've not already done so.

EMR Software

NeoMed EHR 3.0 by NeoDeck Holdings, Inc.

22 Sol Street

Ponce PR 00730

(787) 651-6154

Most Recent Release: March 2012

Most Recent Version: 3.0

Description of this EHR/EMR:

EHR 3.0 was designed to be easy to use and functional allowing doctors and nurses to utilize this product to it's fullest potential. EHR 3.0 software features point and click data entry, coding, speech recognition, integrated scanned documents and lab results, disease management, immunization recommendations, and automatic back-up to protect against system failure.



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Number of Doctors in Target Market

NeoMed EHR 3.0

Medical Office Environment

NeoMed EHR 3.0

Unique Installations: This product is not designed for one particular specialty.

Facilities: Ambulatory

EHR / EMR Structure
  • Client/Server or ASP: Client Server
  • EMR or EMR/PM System: EHR only
  • Operating System: Windows