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As more and more physicians are looking to replace their existing EHR with another EHR, it becomes imperative that practices not only choose correctly, but that they understand the complexities associated with data migration from one EHR system to the next.

EMR Software

EV by T-System, Inc.

4020 McEwen Drive

Dallas TX 75244

(800) 667-2482

Most Recent Release: 2012

Most Recent Version: 4.1

Description of this EHR/EMR:

T-Systems EV is the most complete emergency department information system EDIS. EV is ONC 2014 Certified, Top-ranked by KLAS, easy to use, efficient and effective. T Sheets are intuitively designed to match the emergency physicians unique workflow while serving as a road map to patient care. Specific T Sheets for Physicians, Nurses, Urgent Care and Disaster Recovery. T-Systems offers a variety of performance tools including: ePrescribe, referral management tools, evidence based information to enhance clinical decisions and more. T-Systems offers ICD-10 readiness services and Revenue Cycle Management Services specifically designed for Emergency Medicine and Urgent Care Centers. T-System is more than a leader in Emergency Medicine, they are used in over 40% of the nations hospitals and the system of choice in many Urgent Care facilities across the country.

Medical Specialties Covered:
EV by T-System, Inc. can be used for all the following specialties.

Specialties Include:



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Number of Doctors in Target Market


Medical Office Environment


Unique Installations: Emergency Medicine and Urgent Care specific

Facilities: ER,Urgent Care,

EHR / EMR Structure
  • Client/Server or ASP: Both ASP and Client Server
  • EMR or EMR/PM System: EHR/PM - fully integrated - Available Individually
  • Operating System: Windows,