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Did you know that in 2014 a significant number of EHRs purchased are being used to replace an existing implementation of a prior EHR/EMR?

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WoundPath by Healogics, Inc.

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The National Healing Center is one of the foremost providers of wound management solutions to hospitals nationwide to create managed wound centers that offer state-of-the-art wound care therapies & treatments. Committed to healthcare compliance and best practice medicine, NHC emphasizes these priorities in its specialized wound care training and business training programs that include full implementation preparation. The Managed Wound Center Clinical Pathway provides progressive, multi-disciplinary wound therapy and cost-effective wound healing management for hospitals. The software aims to help physicians heal wounds as well as understand the underlying causes of the wounds themselves. The Pathway is both comprehensive and flexible in order to recognize the individuality of each patient and physician. The software is a practical approach to wound care which provides users with progressive treatment options. It reflects the most current diagnostic tests, technologies, and treatments available today.



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