Why an anesthesiology specific electronic medical record system may be most appropriate for your office.

An EHR/EMR that has been designed specifically for Anesthesiologists will have a variety of Anesthesiology specific content as well as Anesthesiology specific workflow included within the product.

An Anesthesiology specific EMR/EHR will most likely be adapted to your own workflow and a method of practicing Anesthesiology Medicine.

Anesthesiology Specific EMR / EHR Features:

  • Ability to capture multiple codes simultaneously
  • Ability to interact with nursing, perfusion records and surgeon’s notes
  • Capture physiologic data from patient monitors or devices
  • Provide O.R. utilization data without user input
  • Time calculator

Anesthesiology Specific EMR/EHR Templates:

  • Cardiac Anesthesia
  • Obstetrical Anesthesia
  • Pediatric Anesthesia
  • Possible health complications (e.g. age)
  • Preoperative medicine
  • Side effects

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